Sabrina Muysken

If you don’t frequent the comedy scene David Strassman is known by many as the king of ventriloquism. He’s the dark-edged, avant-garde artist who single handedly pulled the traditional comedic art form out of the dark ages and onto the 21st century stage. With countless critical acclamations and fans in his wake, he and his posse of hilarious puppets continue to pose questions the rest of us are too polite to ask.

In his famed wrong, but oh so right, style of comedy Strassman’s latest show iTedE – It’s about Chucking time is garnering laughs across the nation. Concerning itself with the Internet and the world of connectivity, Strassman profanely vents about society’s technological obsession under the guise of his familiar puppets.

“Technology could be hurting our imagination. We are all addicted to our screens, our tablets, and our computers. Everyone is online all of the time to the point where we have become desensitised to using our imagination. My puppets are an extension of that. Chuck and Ted E can’t get off their iPhone and iPads,” says Strassman.

In the opening half the comedian uses traditional “hand up the bum” ventriloquism to pose the question, ‘Is technology doing the thinking for us?’ to each of his puppets as they engage in a group discussion.

“It is a funny and hilarious mirror onto our social media addictions.”

Strassman follows with a technologically complex finale that “breaks the laws of puppet physics” as he operates each character live with a handheld device. This is skillfully executed all whilst providing their voices.

“We have a six-way discussion. Each of the characters has their different view and an argument erupts. It is a hilarious confrontation with an incredible surprise at the end.”

Claiming to have notched up the comedy to an entirely new level, the American born comedian says he ‘gets’ the unique Australian sense of humour.

“It really is a skill to make Aussies laugh. But it is a skill that I have and one that I have mastered.”

Strassman’s new show is unquestionably set to entertain, amuse, shock, and even offend audiences with its dark humour.

“It is hilarious, it is amazing, and it is jaw-dropping,” exclaims Strassman.

David Strassman’s ‘iTedE – It’s about Chucking time’ will be at North Sydney Leagues Club, 1 March 2016