Bor cleanserBor moisturiser Bor eye cream
Bőr Organics
No nasties. No parabens. No chemicals. No animal testing.
This totally environmentally friendly brand is your skins’ dream
Skin Care line. Made up of certified organic, natural, and pure
ingredients – your skin will be thanking you for using these
• One Bőr ‘Cleanse’ Cleanser to be won
• One Bőr ‘Hydrate’ Hydrating Cream to be won
• One Bőr ‘Eye Love Skin’ Eye Cream to be won

Webers Circus tickets
Webers Circus presents with a Touch of South America – a
show packed with spectacular aerials, hilarious clowns, miniature
show ponies, cute trick dogs, a death defying wheel of death and
much much more.. So bring the family, bring your friends, and
enjoy a day out at the circus!
• Five Family Passes to be won.

Soda & Co
This fun, fresh, and vibrant natural skin care range believes
that being natural doesn’t have to mean being bland or boring.
Their aim? To not only change the way you look, feel, and think
about what you put on your skin, but to enable you to do so in a
refreshingly colourful way. We’re sold!
• One Sugar Scrub in Mint Burst to be won
• One Sugar Scrub in Orange Splash to be won
• One Sugar Scrub in Pink Lemonade to be won

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