Alex Dalland

Since moving to Sydney from Noosa’s Bistro C on Hastings Street, things have only been getting better for Maslows head chef Jack New. Starting out as a pop-up cafe running out of a small Pymble garage in December last year, Maslows has gone from one strength to another – opening up a permanent cafe in Naremburn and now welcoming a ‘brew bar’ and dinner menu as their newest additions.

A set menu was provided with the month’s title, reminding diners of the fresh produce that goes into each meal, which changes seasonally and provides variety for return customers. A great selection of dishes were available, with the menu providing the impression that high-quality produce with a hint of Japanese influence would be the overarching theme of the meal.

Entrees were a Korean king prawn with watermelon, sesame and fennel, as well as beef pelmeni with roast beetroot dashi – a Japanese-style soup – and soured cream. The king prawn with watermelon, a favourite combination in warmer weather, was a perfect marriage of ingredients and provided a refreshing flavour. Pelmeni, a hearty beef dumpling, has its origins in the harsh Russian winters but combined with the light flavours of the beetroot broth and soured cream it made for a delicious opening to the meal without being overpowering.


While entrees were brief and light meals, the mains proved to be much larger and a similar mix of inspired combinations. The lamb backstrap, with roasted rhubarb, rhubarb root reduction and peas, was a delightful mix of sweet and flavoursome rhubarb with perfectly prepared lamb that was expertly cooked until juicy and tender. The Grilled Swordfish with Zucchini, Edamame and Burnt Butter was far more savoury, with the burnt butter nicely complimenting the smoky swordfish flavour and the zucchini and edamame balancing out the two with just a hint of sweetness.


While we didn’t try any of the dessert options, there is a brilliant selection of fruit and baked options, such as the tea poached pear with crème fraiche and smoked lavender and the butterscotch mousse with beignets and toasted almond.

Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Maslow’s without enjoying one of their renowned coffees. Maslows distinguishes themselves by using Melbourne based Seven Seeds coffee, and their exclusive Swedish-imported Drop Coffee. The coffee was expertly prepared and it was easy to see how it could have inspired the success of the restaurant from its humble beginnings.

For anyone who wants to experience the finest of seasonal dining on the North Shore, Maslows will be sure to impress, with their new menu proving that they do dinner just as well, if not better, than breakfast and lunch. A wide selection of dishes means there is something for everyone, and their perfect cup of coffee makes for a great excuse to keep coming back!