Sabrina Muysken

The spring racing season has kicked off. Picking a winner outfit can present quite the dilemma. With so many elements to consider it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of your depth. To help you through this years racing calendar we’ve compiled a few fashionable tricks. Giddy up!

Hat-friendly Hair

Finding the perfect headpiece is half the battle. Deciding what hair to pair it with is just as crucial. If you’re wearing a structured hat opt for a sleek pulled back, low bun. Let your headwear take the glory here to give you that minimalist sophisticated look. Rocking a jewelled headpiece? Simple straight locks with a centre part works best. If you’re considering a softer look with a flower crown, match your boho vibe with an all out wavy do.

Survival Kit
Heading off to the races can make for a very long and tiring day. Being in the blistering sun and wearing high heels can be a tall order. Prepare yourself ahead of time with the essentials and you’ll never look back. Write these down and don’t forget them: Sunglasses, Band-Aids (High heels = oh-so-painful blisters), Mini Perfume or Deodorant, Panadol, Mini Sunscreen and a Standout Lipstick (a bold lipstick can instantly refreshen your makeup look).

Stand out
It’s all too easy to conform to the typical ‘rules’ of race day fashion. We’ve seen these looks all before. The black and white trend, overly matching accessories, the classic fascinator and, of course, the little cocktail dress. Why not dare to be different? Embrace some of the latest fashion trends that will make you truly stand out from the racing crowd. A structured pantsuit, or jumpsuit, is a fabulous take on the cocktail dress. Pair with a sharp hat and a sleek up-do, you’ll really make a statement. Not keen on the femme meets masculine vibe? A two-piece skirt and top set is your answer. Pair with a detailed headpiece and you’ve already set yourself apart. Remember opting for bold colours and interesting prints is key.

Fashionista’s rejoice! If you love designer fashion but your dream outfit’s price tag sends you into a cold sweat, fear not because we’ve got the perfect solution. No longer are the days where clothing hire means outdated, perspiration stained, cringe worthy formal wear. With a bevy of trendy online sites run by fashionable women in the know, obtaining that dress (for a fraction of the price) is as simple as a click of your mouse. With the latest threads from Aussie designers like Zimmermann to Alex Perry on offer, you’re guaranteed to be race-day ready without blowing your budget. Bonus points: most online rental stores even include dry-cleaning, so all you have to do is send back the garment on time and you’re free of any stress.