Anya Treurnicht

As the weather begins to slowly but surely warm up, there’s truly no better time to take charge with the fresh air, sunshine, and a pair of neon gloves to get your home squeaky clean and ready for summer.

In addition to taking care of décor, whether it be changing up the theme or colour, making sure you have your place truly freshened up from the inside, out is just as important. As fun as it is to go shopping, redecorate, and rearrange – simply dusting off the remnants of a long winter and doing a few bundles of curtain laundry (yes, it’s a thing) or flipping the mattresses – goes a long way.

Here are four tips for making sure you welcome spring into your home the right way:

1. If you have custom drapery or some curtains
that you wish to switch over or simply haven’t dusted out in, well, years, it’s recommended that you take them off and head towards the dry cleaners to freshen them up either for spring, or for next winter

2. Already have a water-blaster on hand or some extra cash? Switch your carwash one week for a wash of the windows and vacuum around the panes, sills, and corners. To keep the view fresh and bright towards the sun shining outside, keeping a squeegee is super handy to wipe down every now and then throughout the seasons

3. Organise your closet! If you have extra storage space, take out those wintry coats and pieces you know you won’t need for the warmer months and store them somewhere else to make room for those summer dresses, shorts, bikinis, and light-weight fabrics. This is also a great opportunity to even throw out some clothes you simply don’t wear and donate them to a great charity. You’ll free up some space (for more shopping of course!) but also feel lighter if your wardrobe needs a tidy-up

4. Create a different mood and experiment with the colours that simply feel like spring and summer – designer Thomas O’Brien explains that he’s always collected textiles for when the time comes to switch out bedding, towels, and table linens to bring out a new season or even for a special event. Turquoise with soft yellow tones are great for giving a beach-like feel and you can never go wrong with some copper or rose-gold décor. Flowers are also in bloom so next time you’re out grocery shopping, grab a bunch and place them in the kitchen and bring spring inside.