Joanita Wibowo

The love for pizza and junk food is now outdated, and health awareness is in. More and more bloggers and Instagrammers are becoming a celebrity in their own rights through the exhibition of their healthy life – from fitness to diets, from activewear to gluten-free dishes. With increasing demands on anything related to health and wellbeing, it is no wonder that some are cynical about the whole thing, thinking that it’s just another trend of the day. So should we jump on the bandwagon, or should we wait for it to wither?

What’s bad?
The story of the now-infamous Belle Gibson might be one of the main reasons of widespread skepticism against the wellness craze. Gibson, who profited $1 million from the sales of her cookbook and mobile app The Whole Pantry, was found to be lying about curing her brain cancer through natural diets; it was revealed that she has never had any forms of cancer. Gibson was largely condemned, especially because she encouraged people through social media to forgo medical treatment for cancers and opt for ‘natural means’.

While Gibson might be on the extreme side of the spectrum, it remains a cautionary tale about trusting ‘health gurus’ on social media. Ordinary people, even the ones who have got little to no experience with nutrition, health or sports could claim expertise on the field and have a significant number of following. The idea that normal people like us could be healthy and successful without any professional (and expensive) help could be inspirational, but it could also mean that they do not have the same knowledge that the experts were trained to have, and might not be held accountable.

What’s good?
Skeptics might be right when they see health bandwagon as just another fad or a new marketing scheme. However, the promotion of healthy lifestyle could become a motivating force. It could be inspiring to see regular people just like you on the timeline, running an extra lap or choosing salad over chips. At the right level, the peer pressure could help you to improve your health.

Even if you got on board for its trendiness, there is nothing wrong about trying to make new, healthier habits. Furthermore, getting on the health bandwagon could help you learn more about ethical diets and allow you to become more aware of your body’s needs. It is a step towards becoming more responsible of your own wellbeing.

So should we jump on the bandwagon?
Trying to achieve healthy and active living is one thing, and completely changing your lifestyle is another. While the e-health bandwagon could be inspirational, every tip and trick online should be taken with a grain of salt. Consulting with a dietitian or a sport physician before shifting to an unconventional diet or exercise is also encouraged.

If you’ve decided to jump on board, here are some spots in North Shore where you can find nutritious food to start with:

The Source Bulk Foods Willoughby
You can find different kinds of whole foods here. The Source Bulk Foods also stocks a vast range of paleo, gluten free, organic and vegan products.
Shop 2 / 183-191 High St, Willoughby NSW 2068

Granny Smith Natural Food Market
As a certified organic grocery, the market offers local, seasonal and organic produce from the state.
6 Princes St, Turramurra NSW 2074

Taste Organic
Taste Organic has a range of fully organic and unprocessed food and fair trade lifestyle products.
25 Falcon Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065