Stephanie Stefanovic

A simmering new restaurant has just opened up at Chatswood Interchange.

Simmer Huang is a Chinese hotpot-based restaurant with over 500 venues worldwide, including four locations in Sydney.

If you’re unfamiliar with hotpot, it’s a cooking technique that involves the use of simmering to cook food – and it’s delicious.

Cooked without using a single drop of water, meat is flavoured with sauces and vegetable juices, and is all done in a closed pot to speed up the cooking time. The food is not fried and the simmering process isn’t affected by air, so all of the vitamins and proteins are kept intact and the meat is amazingly juicy and tender.

The best part? All of this happens right at your dining table, so you get to watch the cooking process from start to finish.

Chinese hotpot certainly has a reputation for being delicious, and Chatswood’s Simmer Huang definitely does not disappoint.

At the restaurant’s opening in late September, countless tasty dishes were served, including a special limited edition duck salad created by Masterchef Australia star Alvin Quah. Light, fresh and extremely tasty, it was definitely star-quality.

However, the real winner of night was the braised pork ribs. Made using the simmering technique, Simmer Huang Chatswood produced some of the most tender, juicy pork ribs you could ever eat. Marinated in a delightful citrus sauce and combined with flavoursome vegetables and herbs, Simmer Huang’s pork ribs are a must-try.

But it doesn’t stop there. Simmer Huang Chatswood is the first Sydney venue to contain a bar, serving inventive cocktails with unusual Chinese ingredients.

Unusual they were, but they sure were tasty. If you’re a fan of Chinese fruit tea, you’ll definitely enjoy these. Sweet, fruity and sometimes a little spicy, the cocktails acted as the perfect compliment to the delicious meat and noodle dishes that were served.

If you’re looking for a great night out, don’t go past Simmer Huang Chatswood. The unique cooking process makes for a fun, interactive atmosphere and the food and drinks are fantastic too.