Anya Truernicht reports.

Minister for Education and Training, Christopher Pyne, has launched a free app called Learning Potential. The aim of the app is to encourage both parents and students to get involved in their education in fun and creative ways.

“The Learning Potential app offers inspiring ways for parents to become more engaged in their children’s learning at any age – from high chair to high school,” says Mr Pine.

One of the games called ‘Grocery Bingo’ is highly recommended as a great game to teach young children some real-life skills. It involves finding groceries on supermarket shelves and crossing off each item on the shopping list as it is collected.

‘Junior Bargain Shopper’ is another game that provides useful tips to help kids learn about brands, discounts and Australian-made products.

High school students can also benefit from tips and advice given about developing confidence in their work and participation at school. The app also offers advice to parents about the questions they should be asking at parent-teacher meetings.

“Parents can personalise the app for their children and importantly, it is completely private – no data is collected. Once personalised, the app will direct you to tips and ideas relevant to your child’s age group,” says Mr Pine.

“We want students to have a quality education with access to the best teachers, an up-to-date and relevant curriculum, and we want to empower parents, teachers, principals, and the school community to make the most of their child’s early learning and school years,” he adds.

The Learning Potential app is now available for free download on both Android and Apple devices.