Adele Palfreeman gives the low-down on shin care products for these hot summer days and nights.

Even those with the toughest skin can’t avoid the severity of the Australian sun. Sunburn, oily patches, rashes, breakouts and dry skin are just a few of the problems people face when the hotter weather arrives in town. We’ve discovered some of the best products for combating the most common summer problems, helping you to salvage your skin in no time!


Sunscreen that won’t cause breakouts

It seems pretty obvious that sunscreen is an essential summer product. Many people, however, avoid using it on their face in fear of resultant greasy skin and clogged pores. But with 2 in 3 Australians diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, there really is no excuse for avoiding the cream. Ego’s SunSafe Daily Face 50+ is oil free, so it won’t clog pores and cause breakouts. It’s also quick drying, meaning you’ll avoid any slick, greasy residue.

Yes to Grapefruit

Age spot serums

Age spots are caused by an excess production of melanin in the top layer of the skin. They can be recognised as flat, gray or brown spots and are often caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays (i.e. the sun and tanning beds). Prevention is the best way to avoid sunspots, so use sunscreen daily and wear protective clothing. If you’re already boasting a few age spots of your own, however, the good news is that efficient cosmetic treatments do exist. We recommend Yes to Grapefruit Dark Spot Correcting Serum, a serum formulated with white tea and grapefruit extract to target age spots. Even better; all Yes to products are at least 95 per cent natural.


A refreshing moisturiser

Moisturisers are often associated with being an essential winter product. This year, wait before you think about discounting moisturising cream for summer, as the sunny season is also sure to dry out your skin – particularly if you’re prone to sitting in harsh air conditioning or enjoy sunbathing for extend periods of time. Avoid rich creams, and opt for a light coverage such as Lush’s Enzymion Moisturiser, which includes Aloe Vera to soothe burnt, hot skin.


Fake Tan without nasty chemicals

Fake tans have gained a pretty bad reputation over the years, but if you know what to use and how to apply it, you can definitely avoid the characteristic orange tinge and streaky complexion. Natural tanning not only increases the likelihood of skin cancers, it also dries out the skin and causes premature aging (i.e. wrinkles and sunspots). If you really want a tan this summer, there’s only one way to go: fake it ’til you make it. Opt for Eco Tan Invisible Tan, an organic cream that develops a natural looking tan over 8 hours. The lovely caramel colour of the tan is derived from cacao (chocolate), so it is free of both green and orange tones. 


Heat Rashes

Heat rash (also known as ‘Prickly Heat’) is a common – and uncomfortable – skin problem in summer. Caused by blocked sweat glands and excessive sweating, it appears as a red, itchy rash. Mild heat rash will often go away by keeping the rash cool and dry with unscented baby powder. Alternatively, try Ego’s Pinetarsol Solution, a soap-free cleanser that soothes inflamed skin. Medical attention is necessary if the rash is inflamed, painful or gets worse, as it could be infected.