Your Go to Guide for creating your dream day

Hannah Brissenden

Etsy, the popular “online marketplace” focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, is an epic treasure chest of eccentric, unique and often inexpensive wedding fare. For those who are looking to bring a DIY or vintage element to their big-day, there’s really no place else like Etsy. Forget trawling from one rambling vintage marketplace to another; it’s all available at your fingertips on this vibrant website. Which brings us to the problem – how exactly does one virtually navigate themselves through thousands of online vendors to uncover their own bountiful bridal needs? To save you the time, we did some trawling for you and came up with our favourite one-of-a-kind Etsy wedding picks.

Which Dress is Best?

Classic and classy, ethereal and easy, vintage and vivacious: Etsy offers it all. Make sure to explore your options for a dress, because you’ll soon realise there really is so much out there when you aren’t stuck on fulfilling one idealised look.

Etsy is an opportune place to look for a unique dress on a realist’s budget. Whether you’re going for something casual and bohemian or traditional and vintage, Etsy’s plethora of handmade and second-hand wedding dress boutiques offer it all.

Where to look – our guide:

1. Wedding Dress Fantasy

For the classic and classy bride: head over to the ‘Wedding Dress Fantasy’ online shop. Featuring classic designs with good quality fabrics at an affordable price, this shop provides looks for the bride who wants the classic couture feel with an air of timeless elegance.

2. Grace Loves Lace

For the ethereal and easy bride: pay ‘Grace Loves Lace’ a visit. Your one stop shop with an array of fantasy designs and an abundance of delicate lace, this shop provides a haven for the bohemian bride who plans to float her way down the aisle.

3. Retro Vintage Weddings

For the vivacious vintage bride: discover ‘Retro Vintage Weddings’. With a collection of awe inspiring retro dresses that transport you back in time, the vintage bride will be able to bring an air of luxury that only era’s gone by can inspire. Head here to have your own Great Gatsby moment of sheer luxe.

The rocks that I got: Finding the ring

The idea you’ll be wearing the same ring for decades into the foreseeable future can be a dream come true (or a daunting decision depending on your predisposition towards romance). Etsy is a saviour in the world of wedding rings; it’s a place to discover something beyond the commonplace square cut diamond and white gold bands.

An engagement ring should seek to encapsulate your individuality and the quirks of your relationship. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but who says a girl can only have one best friend? Get to know your stones and find out which one is right for you.

Where to look – our guide:

1. Arosha

For an eye-capturing piece that is art on your hand head over to our Etsy favourite ‘Arosha’. Featuring an amazing collection of quirky wonders, Arosha’s designs caught our eye with their innovative use of pearls, semi precious stones and diamonds.

2. Rare Earth

For a ring that remains true to classic visions but with a little twist to make it truly unique, look up ‘Rare Earth’ shop. Mixing coloured precious and semi precious stones with diamonds and classic designs, the rings exudes a feel of age-old elegance.

Top of the Cake

Etsy is bursting at the seams with a range of cute and comedic cake toppers. Though they may not be everyone’s piece of cake, toppers are undeniably making a comeback. Banish all thoughts of garish plastic figurines; the cake toppers of Etsy offer it all – from funny to sweet, childish and crazy.

Where to look – our guide:

1. Homes and Weddings

Homes and Weddings provide a variety of stylish décor for weddings and other special events. Our favourite cake topper was the rustic ‘Hitched’ hand-made wire sign.

2. Goose Grease Custom Peg Doll Wedding Cake Toppers

Think wedding cake figures are daggy relics from years gone by? You won’t feel the same when you hop online and visit GooseGrease, the “Original Peg Doll Wedding Cake Toppers”. Though a little on the expensive side, you can commission GooseGrease to custom make gorgeous wooden cake toppers to look just like you and your husband or bride to be.

3. ReadyGo

For something a little more understated, ReadyGo cake toppers and paper goods for weddings and parties is a veritable hotspot. With a variety of small paper banners to choose from, customers can decide on a colour and phrase. Sweet paper brides and grooms are also available.