Get amongst it all at Tanya Loviz’s art gallery in Faulconbrige, offering a hands-on experience for all adventurous art lovers

Tiffany Tartabudi

In one corner of the Loviz Arts Gallery hangs an ornate chandelier shaped swing, dripping in crystals and suspended just a metre above the ground. In another corner stands a tall wine glass, similarly decorated in glitter and gold. Both props are just large enough to seat an adult woman, which is precisely the idea.

Artist and owner of the gallery, Tanya Loviz, calls it “living the art”.

We believe that art is something to view, but also something to experience,” Loviz says. “I want the people who purchase my art to attach amazing experiences to the painting that hangs on their wall.”

Gallery-goers are provided the opportunity to “look like artwork”, by dressing up in an outfit and positioning themselves on various life sized props, according to a particular painting. By providing the interaction between artwork and admirer, Loviz says viewers are able to fully appreciate and be “filled up” with the playfulness and cheek she hopes to convey through her painting.

I’d say it’s a bit special, it’s definitely not like your typical gallery with boring white walls.”

An artist with a difference, Loviz has been creating bold and mischievous paintings for more than 25 years, primarily depicting “real cheeky girls, in unreal life situations”. A few notable examples include ‘Her Wild Roses Grow’, whereby a voluptuous brunette is sprawled across a bed of crimson roses, and ‘Let Her Will Fly’, which pictures a seductive blonde dressed in a cascade of turquoise peacock feathers.

Although each painting is imaginative and unique in its own right, each of Loviz’s pieces are united by their glamour and vivacity, as well as her signature, which is, befittingly, her kiss.

Since 2013, Loviz has also been busy at work as the official artist of the Blue Mountains Crossings Bicentenary, creating 50 distinct artworks to reflect the celebrations. She says as well as being the literal inspiration for her paintings, the Blue Mountains environment constantly nurtures her creativity.

I absolutely adore the Mountains! I’d say what they give to a lot of artists is that feeling of really being supported; I call it ‘mother energy’,” she says. “I just always feel hugged and supported living in the mountains.”

“The Blue Mountains gives a lot of artists is that feeling of really being supported; I call it ‘mother energy’.” – Tanya Loviz