Erin Molan lights up Sydney screens six days a week, anchoring the daily sports report for Nine News, appearing weekly on Nine’s The Footy Show as the only female panellist and conducting interviews with the world’s biggest sports stars, from Roger Federer to Ian Thorpe.

However, Erin Molan is much more than a pretty face. Molan can speak fluent Indonesian, has a keen interest in foreign affairs and one day wants to join the coveted group of Australia’s most renowned war correspondents. While she brushes off her bilinguality and meteoric rise through the ranks of Channel Nine, she acknowledges her passion for reporting on one of Australia’s most physical contact sports isn’t the standard career choice for most young women.

1. How does it feel to become the first woman to join Channel Nine’s The Footy Show as a full-time panellist?

It’s a great privilege – it’s my third year on the show but first season full time on the panel – so it was nice not to be thrown into the deep end so to speak – but to be eased into it.
It’s nice to have a bit of security and feel like I belong and am part of the team.  The boys have been absolute legends – and I feel very comfortable on the panel!

2. You have covered rugby league for over 10 years as a television, radio and print reporter, why did you choose to report on Australia’s roughest game?

Haha-  I’m not sure if it’s the roughest – but it’s certainly one of the most physical.  The physicality is one of the things I love most about rugby league.  It has the perfect mix of brute and flair.  I love how exciting it is – and I love that so many women are fans of the game.  I’m still a sports presenter/reporter for 9 News so I get to cover all sports – but doing both means I get to spend more time on rugby league and that’s fine by me.

3. How do you balance your role as a reporter for National Nine News, columnist for the NRL wesbite and and your position as the ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia?

Getting the balance right is something I’ve struggled with for a long time – and continue to struggle with – but I’m a lot better than what I was.  I’ve learned that it is ok to sometimes say “no” to things.
I rarely do it but when I need to I now have enough confidence to say “no”.  It’s hard to turn down fantastic opportunities and I love mixing News with Footy Shows and radio and writing columns – the more fingers in pies the better!
I’m an ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia and Save Our Sons.  My sister was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer a couple of years ago so I’m passionate about raising awareness of this disease – and SOS is something I am very passionate about.

4. What is your most memorable interview?

This is such a hard one – Roger Federer, Ian Thorpe, Mark Webber are all legends I’ve loved interviewing– but to be honest my favourite stories to do are regular people who are struggling to overcome incredibly difficult situations/illnesses, any kind of adversity.
I love how it inspires people, and gives all of us perspective.  I also love how each story shows just how powerful sport can be – and the role it can play in helping average people overcome unimaginable obstacles.

5. Can you explain why you decided to take on the role of ambassador for Save Our Sons, an organisation dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)?

I was approached by the Charity a few years ago and didn’t even have to think about it.  I am so touched by their plight.  It is a horrific disease and there’s no cure – so this organisation is basically a family and friends – who are doing all they can to save their sons life – and the lives of all children affected.  The resolve they show – the determination and hope is something I often use to motivate me in much lesser plights.

6. You’re originally from Canberra but now call Sydney home, what do you like most about Australia’s largest city?

It’s definitely grown on me.  It took me a while to settle in – I was pretty homesick for Canberra to honest – hard to believe I know haha – but now I’ve settled I absolutely love Sydney – the harbour City is beautiful!
I fly often and whenever I come in over the Harbour I’m blown away by the beauty.  I love the beaches – I love Crows Nest – the food is amazing!  I love the Pubs!  It’s a great place to live!

7. You used to work in the speech writing department for the Governor-General of Australia, did you ever consider a career in politics?

I definitely did – and still do one day.  I really enjoyed my time there – I have always been fascinated by politics and how countries all over the world govern themselves.  I lived in Indonesia for six years and learnt the language and have a real interest particularly in their political setu.  I was there in 1998 when Soeharto fell and watching the riots and turmoil and having to be evacuated and flee the country is something I’ll never forget.

8. Mother’s day is just around the corner, how do you plan to celebrate the special day?

I’ll definitely be giving my mum and Granny a call – I speak to them daily anyways but an extra long call.  Plus I’ll be expecting a call and present from my boyfriend’s dog – Killa – he’s my baby too – it took me a while to warm to him – I didn’t grow up with dogs! – but now I love him too!