Want to create a stylish bathroom renovation but have more dash than cash?

According to home interior experts, turning an old or bare bathroom into a stylish one need not be an undertaking that breaks the bank. When it comes to renovating your bathroom, quite often less is more. There are many ways to add space, style and utility without having to dig deep into your pockets.

Creating space in your bathroom is especially important if you don’t have much room to work with, yet at the same time, it’s also essential to ensure that any attempt to emphasise space also puts emphasis on style.

An easy way to add the illusion of space while also adding a stylish dimension to your bathroom is with toughened glass shower panels. Clear toughened glass shower panels can easily convert an old fashioned tired shower into a modern style, and because they are clear toughened glass, they create a feeling of openness.

Invest in a stylish bathroom basin

There are so many different styles of basins out there that it’s hard to know which one suits your bathroom. Semi-recessed basins are mostly utilised when the bathroom is narrow. They create a feeling of more space and mirrors in a small bathroom give the illusion of space as well. Most people opt for the round or oval style basins.

With basins come taps – the jewellery of the bathroom – the bits that sparkle. Shower heads are now becoming a design feature but take care not to end up having to pay extra plumbing costs for the high-maintenance fitted styles that are popular.

Be creative with cabinets

Next on the agenda are storage cabinets. These often use up a great deal of your bathroom’s space, compromising on its openness. Space promoting installations such as a cabinet with mirror doors are ideal, creating extra space where seemingly none can be found.

If extra storage is required, there is a range of floor standing storage cabinets available with a variety of features. Another practical innovation is a privacy cupboard with storage for towels and toilet accessories. This unit is positioned next to the toilet and acts as a form of separation from the remainder of the bathroom while also acting as a privacy division.

While you may have meticulously decided on your combination of bathroom installations and accessories in an effort to maximise your bathroom’s space and maintain a certain style, it’s also important to choose a colour and pattern theme to complement your set-up.

Consider your colours

For small bathroom areas, it’s better to use light colours in paint and tiles as dark colours often have an effect of closing the room in. Although it might be tempting to go with contemporary styles and choose colours that are trendy, one drawback to this is that such colours that are in vogue now often fall out of favour very quickly. In the long run, it will prove best to choose more traditional colours that offer a timeless, classic appeal.

Rethink before you renovate

When undertaking a transformation of your bathroom, or any room for that matter, foresight must always direct what your renovations will entail. Renovators need to consider, when designing a bathroom, functionality, aesthetics and at the same time, think of future house buyers if re-sale could be on the agenda. Although a black toilet and matching tapware might look spectacular, future house buyers may find the finished look a little extreme.

A successful bathroom renovation should also take the rest of the house into consideration. The updated bathroom should always relate to the rest of the house, and you can do this by carrying through some of the existing elements. For example, if you have a Victorian-style house you could furnish your new bathroom with traditional tapware to maintain the feel. Working with what you have is the key, even if you’re going for a trendy bathroom look.