A week or two of pure, coupled bliss that serves to prolong the inevitable realities of marital life, the humble honeymoon is a dream-come-true for many newlyweds.

Whether you’re planning to jet-set across the seas to an isolated island paradise, or stay in Australia and idle your time away in one of our many romantic wine regions, there’s only ever one requirement: it has to be good. Choosing the perfect destination, however, is hard; and the options endless.

Here at Sydney Observer we’ve helped by narrowing it down to a few of our favourite, and arguably more obscure, honeymoon destination.

The Cyclade Islands, Greece
Bear with me. I know Greece regularly frequents ‘World’s Top Honeymoon Destination’ lists, but it’s certainly not without reason. The idyllic, rustic beauty of Greece’s Cyclade Islands is almost unsurpassable, and if you’re looking for the ultimate location for love; this is surely it.

A cluster of arid gems sprinkled in the azure Aegean Sea, it’s best not to limit yourself to one – and don’t be deterred by the hoards of 20-something backpackers who have christened the islands their ‘’summer home’’. Feel yourself unwind completely as you resign yourself to the indolent atmosphere of the islands in summer – ferries that never arrive on time; locals phased by nothing.

Eat dinner, drink wine, watch the sunset over the caldera in Santorini, and fall in love all over again. Hire a quad bike and ride the circumference of Paros in a day, stopping to have lunch in authentic Greek villages peppered with vibrant bougainvillea. Dreamers will not be disappointed.

Highlights include: riding a donkey up the cliff side in Santorini; eating Greek cuisine in a local Taverna, visiting the little-known Greek village Lefkes on the island of Paros.

Ningaloo Coast, Western Australia
If it’s something a bit different – a tad wilder – you’re searching for, Western Australia’s isolated Ningaloo Coast may just be the destination of your dreams.

Part of the Cape Range National Park, the Ningaloo Coast requires total immersion in nature – situated as it is almost an hour away from the nearest town. Where accommodation is limited, stay at the gorgeous Sal Salis eco resort: an intimate ‘glamour camping’ experience that accommodates just 18 guests at a time.

Spacious luxury tents boast large double beds, and open directly onto a seemingly endless beach. Revel in the isolation of the place by spending your nights dining and talking under the stars.

Highlights include: snorkelling with one of the world’s largest and rarest fish; the whale shark, a frequent visitor to the reef through June to November.

Banff, Canada
It’s common knowledge that the typical honeymoon starts and ends with a tropical location: sun, the beach, bare skin and balmy nights. But what if you’re not a tropical person? Canada’s Banff National Park; home to the spectacularly beautiful Lake Louise, provides a gorgeous backdrop to a week of newly-wedded bliss.

Highlights include: Kayaking Lake Louise in summer.

By Tess Gibney