As the cold weather takes over and the days get shorter, it’s easy to let that fierce motivation you had to exercise and eat well at the beginning of the year slowly ebb away.

Going for run when it’s 10 degrees and raining outside is probably the last thing on your mind, especially when you know there’s a mug of steaming hot chocolate waiting to be consumed at home.

Adro Sarnelli, the winner of the first season of the Biggest Loser, manages to buck the trend when it comes to putting on the kilos over winter. He says the cold weather shouldn’t be an excuse to gain weight; in fact winter can be the perfect time get our bodies into shape for the hotter months.

Adro shares his healthy eating and exercise tips:

Stop acting on feeling
One of the biggest things people do wrong is making eating and exercise decisions based on how they feel in a particular moment. When you wake up to train on a cold morning, it’s easy to stay snuggled in bed. In the evening it’s much more appealing to stay home in front of the television than hit the gym. To avoid letting lazy feelings get in the way of your winter weight goals, make an eating and exercise plan. Remain disciplined and stick to it, if you break the plan once ensure you get back into it the next day.

Consider your environment
Make sure you factor in the weather to your exercise plan. If training in the cold doesn’t appeal to you, then there’s no point planning on going for a run every morning. If you find yourself constantly skipping an after work gym session, it’s probably not an ideal time for you to train. Think about where your weaknesses lie and then choose a time and place to exercise that you can stick to.

Embrace winter foods
It’s surprisingly easy to eat healthily during winter. Soups are a go to food for anyone looking to lose or maintain weight. The average cup of vegetable soup has about 60 to 80 calories, so it’s perfect for a hot meal or a snack. Stews and casseroles are another hearty and healthy alternative. If you’re looking to reduce your calorie intake but don’t want to cut out your favourite winter meals altogether then simply switch certain ingredients.  Take a shepherd’s pie and replace the buttery potato mash with mashed cauliflower.

Find exercise that you enjoy
The best type of exercise is the kind that you will actually do. If you are a social person then hit the gym for a class or join a walking group. If you can’t bare the thought of missing your favourite television show in the evening, then buy an exercise bike and put it in the living room. If you’re suffering from an injury then go to the aquatic centre for some low impact swimming. There is a type of training to suit everyone, it might just take some time to figure out your personal favourite.

Visualise summer
Set yourself lifestyle goals throughout winter. This doesn’t mean deciding on a set amount of kilos to lose, instead think about how you want to feel in the summer. Tell yourself that you want to be fit, healthy and able to enjoy summer knowing that you look your best. Putting in the hard yards now will ensure you achieve these goals.